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Step 1: Select which options you want for your website:

Theme Design (Required)
$45.00 Provides continuity throughout the website.

$25.00 Allows site visitors to send you a pre-formatted email regarding your site.

$15.00 Displays how many hits (viewing times) your website has received.

$20.00 Lets your site visitors to leave messages to you and other visitors.

Submission to Search Engines
$30.00 Registers your website with popular search engines to allow people
to find your site without advertising.

Banner Exchange
$30.00 Advertises your site via a banner displayed on other websites.

Image Map
$15.00/map Simply put, an image where different portions of said image are
linked to separate destinations.

Picture Scan
$1.50/pic Include any picture you wish scanned for your website with payment.

Additional Webpages
$3.00/page Please send a description of any extra pages with your payment.

$2.50 Required if you intend to use the banner exchange.


Step 2: Website Specifics

Website Title
Foreground Color
Background Color

Step 3: Server Configuration

Web Host FreeServers (20 mb)
Geocities (11 mb)
Torget (5 mb)
Use this web host
FTP User Name
FTP User Password

Step 4: Contact Information

Street address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal code
Work Phone
Home Phone


Step 5: Billing Options

Method of Payment
Please note that we cannot accept
credit cards at this time...

Please make checks/money orders payable to:

Josh's Web Design
1714 Old Alabama Rd.
McDonald, TN  37353


We work on a 'half now, half later' billing cycle.  Once your bill is computed, you only need to pay 50% of the total price.  As soon as payment is received and clears the back, your site's construction will begin.  It's that easy!

Once we complete your site, we will send you screen captures of the finished site.  If everything meets with your approval, send the second 50% payment.  As soon as it is received, your site will be published and ready for visitors.  If you don't like the end result for one reason or another, you can cancel your order without future payments. 

Please note: Your initial 50% payment is non-refundable.



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